exploits of a
creative mind.

This website is a showcase
of the things that
I have designed and made.

Take a look around.
If there's something you like,
let me know.

Planned Overhaul

Since I first put this website up some two years ago a lot of its code has become redundant, or I've figured out how to achieve what I want in a more efficient or effective manner. However, since I started 33AR I haven't been able to do all the changes that I wanted without disrupting the 33AR site, which I really don't want to do.

So, this little piece of the internet is likely to remain dormant until 33AR is over, about 2 years from now (2015), at which point I will butcher the whole thing and make it anew; Better, Faster, Stronger than it was before, and all that jazz.

33AR Initial Success

The first session of 33AR has been a huge success. Every person I have spoken to has given immensely positive feedback, and they are all keen to attend the second session.

The planning is underway for the next session, and it looks like the second session will be an easy one to run (if we get enough crew members). Read more about the writing of 33AR below the cut. ... Read More

33AR Launch

In the buildup to Kapcon, I have been able to get the 33AR website to the point of readiness that it can see the light of day.

There are still a few things to add to it yet, however. One of those is a registration form so people can let the organisers of the events know which ones they will be attending. Another is a PDF version of the rules. Both of these are currently in the works and should be complete sometime in the next few weeks.

Initial Launch

It Liiiiiiives!

And with that, this website is on it's feet and stomping across the net leaving a trail of havoc and amazement in it's wake. ... Read More